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ELK – Logstash Issue ” Couldn’t find any filter plugin named ‘else’. “

Recently while configuring a logstash pipeline,I’ve been through an error that was a bit tricky to find since it was referring to a missing plugin named ‘else’.

Searching the issue a bit didn’t  show much help, So I hope this saves couple hours/minutes trying to find out the root cause.
Here’s an interesting part from the Exception Message

The given configuration is invalid. Reason: Couldn’t find any filter plugin named ‘else’…

Patching WordPress DoS Vulnerability CVE-2018-6389 using Modsecurity

The Vulnerability as explained in relies in executing high number of requests, So by temporarily applying rate limiting, the impact of this vulnerability maybe mitigated using various methods one of them is by using Modsecurity until a fix is released.

Other References:

The Impact of License Expiry on F5 BIG-IP VE

When a license “Support Contract” expires on an F5 appliance whether if it’s a Physical or a Virtual appliance, there’s no effect/disruption to the production environment configured on the device itself.
When the support contract is expired the impact is described below,

– If you come across a software issue or bugs, then you will not be able to upgrade
– No support/assistance will be provided by the vendor related to the appliance.

It’s usually advised to contact the support in case of any doubts.

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