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Configuring and Troublshooting NTP on a Cisco IOS Router

Notte: This article assumes you already know what is the NTP protocol and its related concepts.

Configuring a cisco IOS router as an NTP client requires implementing the below commands,
1. Setting up the timezone, in this case we’ll consider Italy’s timezone which is CET (GMT +1)
We’ll set the dayklight savins using the summer time-zone command

clock timezone CET 1
clock summer-time CEST recurring

2. Configuring the NTP server & it can be inserted as an IP in case it’s an internal Server or a public server with a static IP

Parsing a list of IPs and/or Networks with Prefix-Length or Subnet Masks

A very simple script that uses ipcalc capabilities to parse a list of IPs or networks an outputs a list of readable Network IDs with their subnet masks.



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